The custom framing process starts much like you would any decorating or art project.

We review your piece. Whether you bring us a photograph, fine art, collectibles, or a certificate or diploma, we start with how you want the frame to accent your piece. We also take into consideration where the frame will hang or stand. We want the frame to accent your piece, not take it over. We want to use materials and colors that flow well with and look natural against where the piece will hang as well as how the subject will look inside the art.


From a short idea exchange while in the area to scheduled meetings for larger projects, we are available to discuss your ideas and give you some ideas of our own to help you with your decision. We are experts in the field and care about your projects as if they were our own.


Color is critical. We take the time to learn your likes and dislikes. We have hundreds of sample colors and textures that we can hold next to your art to make sure everything looks perfect. We have sample mattes and frames that we mix and match for that certain unique combination that says “WOW!” that’s nice.

Types of Frames:

We could talk all day about the types of frames we offer. It’s best to just come into the store and look around. Bring your piece or bring a photo of your piece, so we can help you decide the initial framing solution that works best for you. Once you’re ready to have it framed, bring everything in and we’ll go over how you want the piece or pieces to fit together. We apply our creativity in helping you make decisions and offering suggestions on what looks best.

Putting Everything Together:

Whether you want a single framed diploma or a series of framed portraits or framed art, or even a collection in a shadow box, we can help you put everything together in the most appealing way. There are no surprises when you pick up the final piece(s).


We use quality materials that will not only accent your art but also protect it for years to come. All of our framing and glass material is of superior quality. Installation and construction are also handled by seasoned frame experts that know what they’re doing and understand this will be a focal point in your home or office and it needs to look right.